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The best blackjack apps for android

The best blackjack apps for android

Below a short list of the top android blackjack apps. We've looked at which blackjacks got the most downloads, how high they scored in the android market and what people on various websites are saying about the blackjack apps that are available for android smartphones. Based on that we can say that the 5 blackjack apps mentioned below are considered by many to be the very best blackjack apps for android. 

Live Blackjack by Dragonplay

The live blackjack app from Dragonplay is one of the most popular blackjack apps for android. It lets you challenge friends through facebook (which is awesome!) and you can get free chips daily.

Its rating in the android market is a whopping 4.5, with the vast majority of voters giving it the maximum 5 star rating. The graphics look very good and gameplay is smooth and fast. If you like blackjack, you're gonna love this app.

Install Live Blackjack app for android by Dragonplay

Live Blackjack by Mobile Social

Another very popular blackjack app for android, this one made by Mobile Social. one of the great things of this blackjack app is that you can play against others from the 'Live Blackjack 21' community, earn credits and play your way up the ladder.You can compete with friends on up to 4 player real time table matches or participate in tournament game modes.

The Mobile Social blackjack app also keeps games statistics on players and lets you create your own profile, making this in effect one of the most social casino games around (if not 'the' social casino game)

Install Live Blackjack for android by Mobile Social

Strip Blackjack

Ok, so perhaps the strip blackjack app for android is not the most serious of blackjack apps, but it certainly is a lot of fun! The idea is to earn over 100 chips to unlock a new photo of hot model Sandee Westgate. All in all there are 6 galleries with 3 pics each, so if you want to see all of her you've got a lot of playing to do! 

This is hands down the most popular strip blackjack app on android and also one of the most downloaded blackjack apps general, so we couldn't really ignore this addictive, if a little bit naughty app. 

Install Strip Blackjack for android


Real Blackjack

the real blackjack app for android focuses more on education, teaching you basic blackjack strategy to help you get more bang out of your buck when you hit the tables in a real or mobile casino. It will also help you sharpen your counting skills, which can also come in handy when playing against others. (think Dustin Hoffman in Rainman and soo it might be you taking a celebration piss :)

The game allows you to customize it for a variety of rule sets to help you master the game and also keeps games statistics so you can check on your improvement. 

install Real Blackjack for android

CB Blackjack

Charlene's Beachside Blackjack app for android aims to bring the classic blackjack game more to life on your android phone by adding cool, high resolution graphics and animations. It is also equipped with an advisor to suggest your next move.

CB Blackjack is a fun blackjack app but can be hard to beat, so don't expect a walkover just because Charlene looks so nice. :)

Install CB Blackjack for android



Of course there are other blackjack apps for android, in fact there are many. But we only wanted to give you a short review of the very best blackjack apps for android, a top 5 of blackjack apps so to speak. If you know of other blackjack apps for android we should discuss / review, please let us know and we'll see if the app merits being placed on this page of best android blackjack apps.


I tried Live Blackjack by Dragonplay and loved it! It's such a smooth, almost addictive game. Then I went and got educated by the Real Blackjack App. Confident of my skills, I installed the mfortune mobile casino and made $225! Not bad for a few days' gameplay!

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